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Do you live in Woodbridge, and looking for a trustworthy ‘partner’ to take care of your website design, web development, web hosting and web maintenance? Then look no further. We would LOVE to have you on board as a new client, and offer you the Woodbridge Web Design package.


The Web development Company in Woodbridge you were looking for

Woodbridge is a large suburban district, located in the City of Vaughan (just north of Toronto, Ontario). According to the 2016 census, the population of Woodbridge was 105,200. Popular Woodbridge industries include food manufacturing, manufacturing, and construction.

The City of Vaughan’s Economic and Cultural Development offers a variety of support services for entrepreneurs and local businesses.

There are around 425 Web Design companies, Web development Companies and Web Design freelancers serving Woodbridge, Ontario. This can be considered an average number compared to other cities in Ontario. However, for being such an active city in the entrepreneurial and business scene, it is pretty much an expected number.

With that said, competition between these companies can be quite challenging. Similarly, choosing the best website design company can also be difficult. Therefore, YOU as the Woodbridge resident will be forced to make some very important decisions. You will first have to decide which company will be THE BEST ONE to design your new website, or re-design your current one. In addition, you will want to know if this company will take care of hosting.

Once your website is created and launched, you will also have to worry about website maintenance and regular website updates. This can be very tedious, especially if you’re short on time.

Safety is another important factor to consider. If you’re planning on getting an online store / eCommerce to sell your products online, you absolutely NEED to make sure your website is 100% SECURE ! The truth is, anyone can get hacked. Only those who are prepared can retrieve a backup safely and keep going.

Woodbridge is the biggest district of Vaughan, which holds A LOT of business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Ultimately, Kings Of The Web is happy to offer Woodbridge residents EXACTLY what they’re looking for in a website, an online presence, and much more!

Types of Websites

Kings Of The Web offers a wide range of websites to ensure that your needs are met.

We offer a cutting-edge Woodbridge Online Store package to sell your goods and/or services, with a highly aesthetic web design that attracts visitors. We guarantee a website that is highly optimized for speed and
performance, with everything you need as a tool in your dashboard. In addition, you can look forward to a full analytics report to increase your profits, and fully functional payment gateway(s) , which means easy to connect and use. You can also add an unlimited number of products, with different variables and complex attributes. And this what you will expect from the BEST Web Design Company in Woodbridge.

We have an amazing team of developers with experience working for one of the biggest Canadian car dealerships company. We KNOW what Dealers want and look for in their websites. From the Model Showroom to Inventory PagesTrade-in Forms and the Full Analytics Dashboard. You will never feel at ease, or feel the confidence in your online presence as you will be with Kings Of The Web. We offer the BEST Car Dealership Website Package for Woodbridge residents, and now you can be our next partner.

For all the Restaurants and Catering businesses in Woodbridge, we are proud to offer you a solid, sable, fast and elegant looking website that will present your business. Our Restaurant Website Design package comes with a full Menu Editing tool that will let you add / edit / remove any item of your menu with all the add-ons. Some of the Woodbridge Catering businesses might prefer to include the delivery system tool in their website, which is something we take pride in providing our Woodbridge Restaurant Websites Design Package clients.

In a busy world for Realtors, we pride ourselves in providing the Realtors of Woodbridge the BEST Realtor Website Design and Website Development, that will help you get MORE LEADS ! With our beautiful design and fast loading websites, you always get the lead. We provide lots of solutions to our realtor clients: MLS Auto Listing, various unlimited custom tailored contact forms, and the onsite SEO that ensures better ranking on Google for more leads and more potential clients.

We love to offer our Woodbridge clients the BEST Newspaper / Magazine Website package, that promises solid website structure, with easy blogging / posting and amazing design ! The Newspaper / Magazine website we offer is a fast loading website, HIGHLY optimized for SEO ( and ability to submit to Google news ), with all the tools you need to spread the word !

If you are a personnel of the medical sector ( Dentist / Doctor, etc ) or a representative of a medical facility ( Hospital, Nursing House, etc ) and serving / residing at Woodbridge. Rest assured, we will provide you with an EXCELLENT Dentist or Doctor Website Design, that looks good, performs well and is HELPFUL for you. We have experience in delivering Interactive Websites, that will surely represent you well, online.

If you’re a resident of Woodbridge who owns a business that did not get included on the list, or you simply are looking for an informational website for an event, cause, or for any personal reason, then the Informational Website Package will be your BEST choice. Here at Kings Of The Web, we would love to help you achieve the online presence you seek.

Why Choose Kings Of The Web to build my Website ?

Kings Of The Web

  • Low starter fee cost of $299 plus low monthly subscription fees starting from $49 for your website design and website hosting.
  • Flexible: NO contracts or commitments. Cancel at any time.
  • Low risk and good option for start-up businesses.
  • No hidden fees / transparent. Price includes EVERYTHING ! (Web Design, Website Hosting, Web Development, Website Maintenance, etc).
  • Average delivery of 1 week.
  • We deliver 3X -12X faster than any other company (1 week vs 3-12 weeks).
  • Unlimited customer and technical support during your subscription period, including: updates, modifications, and backed-up data.
  • We take full responsibility to guarantee a 100% safe/secure website, which is protected from hackers and buggy plug-ins. The result is a malware-free, speed optimized and updated website.
  • Customized Quote feature: receive an INSTANT price quote online based on selected services. 
  • No hidden fees/transparent
  • Option to call or email for more information. 

The Others

  • High starter fee cost of $1500 – $20,000+ for only the website design.
  • Not flexible: Massive one-time fee.
  • High risk for startup businesses.
  • Always hidden fees of hosting, maintenance, etc.
  • Average delivery for a Woodbridge webe design company is 3-6 weeks.
  • Not uncommon to take up to 3 months depending on the complexity of the website.
  • Customer and technical support only until your website is completed.
  •  After launching, you are not allowed to ask for more updates, modifications to your site. 
  • If your website gets hacked, no one will assist you unless you pay extra.
  • Other Woodbridge Web Design Companies use SaaP (software as a product) which means a higher profit margin for them AND higher cost for you. 
  • Prices not available on website: must call, email, or use a Contact Us option website to obtain price information
  • Might take 1 day or more for a sales/customer representative to contact you and deliver price/quote proposals
  • Price quote does not include hidden extras such as hosting fees. And that applies to the most of the web design and web development companies.

The Website Package Extras

What Other Services will Kings Of The Web offer Woodbridge residents?

Ongoing Support

We have a team of developers ready to answer any question or concern you have, throughout the entire subscription period.

Unlimited Email Accounts

With the EXCELLENT Website Solution and Digital marketing Solution, you will need Unlimited Emails.

Subscribers Lists

Create unlimited different contact, newsletter, and sign-up forms on your site. With full analytics reports about leads and conversions.

Updates and Backups

Your site will be auto-updated and upgraded regularly with latest technology updates, with full backups.

Speed Optimization Tool

This tool will automatically cache, minify and compress your website data for the fastest loading times. This will help you compete with other websites, and rank better on search engines.

Images Optimizer Tool

You will receive the Images Optimizer Tool. It will automatically compress all your images after being uploaded to the site. Images will be highly optimized for speed and size.

Security Check Tool

This tool acts as an antivirus and anti-hack on your site, and will audit the site regularly/ automatically. So you KNOW that your website is totally safe.

SEO Helper Tool

Giving tips on the fly for writing better SEO content.We know that you will need some search engine optimization for your digital media marketing and social media marketing campaigns too.

Google Analytics Tool

Full google analytics connected to your website. This tool will let you monitor all visitors to your website, from your own site’s dashboard. Info about your visitors, social media signals and more.

Visual Drag and Drop Editor

With the visual drag and drop editor, you will be able to edit ANY page on your website with so much ease, without prior knowledge of coding or experience in building websites.

What will I be getting with my website ?

Search Engine Optimization
SEO 100%
Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing 100%
Privacy and Security
Privacy 100%
Graphic Design and Branding
Logos 100%

As mentioned before, your Woodbridge Web Design package  start with $49 a month, and can be as high as $200 a month – depending on your requirements -. That’s why we recommend using the Kings Of The Web’s Custom Quote app, to get a good estimate of how much will it cost you to have a Website Development and Website Design Full package with Kings Of the Web.

As mentioned earlier, it takes us less than ONE WEEK  to deliver you the awesome website. But to be even extra accurate, it takes about 5 – 7 days. We have perfected a system that we are able to deliver multiple websites in parallel, so we do not get burdened by the overhead time.

And That’s another reason, you will LOVE your Website even more!

No need to worry – we’ve got you covered! We’ll take care of updating your website regularly to ensure security and latest code/theme updates. This means more time spent focusing on other important things in life – we know how precious your time is.

Absolutely, we are with you every step of the way! We know that managing a new website can be a little intimidating and challenging. Our team is ready and willing to answer all your questions and concerns throughout your entire subscription period.

In short, YES! The average user in 2019 has no patience to wait for a page to load. And we do take this into consideration, we will make sure that your website is optimized for speed. And will remain so !

Elizabeth Sacco
Elizabeth Sacco

Kings of the Web created a new website for my online dessert business. Because my business is fairly new, I was on a very tight budget. I didn’t have thousands of $$ to spend on a website. But I knew if I wanted my business to thrive, I definitely needed a website. Kings of the Web was perfect for

Chelsie Aitken
Chelsie Aitken

As a stay-at-home mom, I'm always looking for ways to make money working from home. I have been blogging for quite some time, and was looking for a new website design to replace my old/outdated one. That's when I decided to have my site re-designed by Kings of the Web. I am really satisfied with the

Gregory Barnes
Gregory Barnes

I'm extremely satisfied with my new website. My site was ready and launched in under a week; it looks great, very easy to use, and loads very fast. I appreciate the monthly subscription fee; it is convenient and affordable. Kings Of The Web is a solid web design company - highly recommended.

Atif Ahsan
Atif Ahsan

Great service and high quality of work. King of the webs is a professional business and they ensure their clients are happy and more than just satisfied. I would definitely recommend them for web services.