Web Design Woodbridge

Web Design Woodbridge

We go the extra mile to help local businesses thrive in an online world
web design woodbridge
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Looking For A Trustworthy Partner? 

The GTA (Greater Toronto Area) holds a tremendous amount of opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In this day and age, having a website and online presence is a necessity to stay competitive.

Here at Kings Of The Web, we take a different approach. Our company recognizes the unique set of challenges every business owner and entrepreneur must face. This is why we provide affordable and superior services – that will give you more order and control! But even the best product or service won’t do you much good, unless it comes from people who are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure EVERY DETAIL is covered.

Our highly motivated and professional team of designers and developers have years of experience in the tech field. We learn about your industry and competitors, working closely with you to develop and implement a plan that guarantees results!

Kings Of The Web

A Progressive Web Design and Marketing Agency

Web Design In Woodbridge 

There are around 425 web design companies, web development companies and freelancers serving Vaughan, Ontario. 

Competition between these companies can be quite challenging. And they all want YOUR business. You will then have to decide which web design company is the top choice to create your website, or re-design your existing one.

Once your website is live, you will also have to worry about regular website maintenance and updates. This can be very tedious, especially if you’re short on time. 

Safety is another important factor to consider as a business owner. If you need an eCommerce web design to sell your products or services, your website must be 100% secure! The harsh truth is anyone can get hacked. Only those who are prepared can retrieve a backup safely and keep going.

We Deliver EXACTLY What You Need!

The internet platform reaches the masses. Slow and outdated web designs just don’t cut it! This is why your website needs to be exceptional quality. Here at Kings Of The Web, we have only the highest standards. We will  design your modern website using the latest software (check our portfolio of demos).

More importantly, we offer  peace of mind in a busy and hectic world. You won’t have to be bogged down with updates,  maintenance, and keeping your website secure. And with 24/7 customer support, we got your back covered. 

Web Design Woodbridge

Our Professional Services

Website Development & Design

If you need to have a website developed or re-design a current site, we have a wide range of web design woodbridge packages to meet your needs. All of our websites are aesthetically pleasing with fast-loading times, producing the ultimate user experience (UX). Have a particular design in mind for your website? No problem! We will create your perfect website, taking into consideration all your requirements. Your website will have serious leverage, increasing visitors and converting them into leads, and repeat customers. Our goal is to help you increase sales AND revenue.

The SaaS Model

Kings Of The Web is offering SaaS (software as a service) for all of our clients. We find that most people prefer this method because it is practical, affordable, and low-risk. For a low monthly subscription fee, you get a beautifully created wordpress website, that is speed optimized for performance. Included in your subscription fee is UNLIMITED support, modifications, security updates, and hosting! We got all your bases covered, so you can focus on what really matters.

All of our websites and eCommerce websites includes 10 cool tools and features. This will make your site high quality, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ready, and easy to navigate. With Kings Of The Web, targeting a wider audience has never been better OR easier. 

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Are you looking for digital marketing services to jump-start your search engine rankings? No problem! Kings Of The Web specializes in Logo Design, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing, including: content writing, video and info graphics, and voice overs.

Our Services

Website Design and Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Logo and Branding
Digital Marketing

Your subscription fee starts at $29 a month, and will increase depending on your requirements. There are no hidden fee’s, and no contracts or commitments. Your first month is free!

Your subscription includes:

*keeping your website live and running smoothly

*unlimited support

*modifications and updates

*yearly hosting fees

You can also choose to pay a one-time fee for your website.

We recommend using our convenient Custom Quote.

Your website will be delivered and launched in about 5 – 7 days. We have perfected a technique that allows us to effectively deliver multiple websites in parallel, so we do not get burdened by the overhead time.

No need to worry – we’ve got you covered! With your subscription, we are responsible for updating your website regularly with the latest code and theme updates. This means more time spent focusing on other important stuff. 

All websites will feature  a complete CMS (content management system). You will be able to effortlessly add/edit/remove anything from your website, at anytime!

Absolutely, we are with you every step of the way! We know that managing a new website can be a little intimidating and challenging. Our team is ready and willing to answer all your questions and concerns throughout your entire subscription period.

YES, it matters! The average user in 2019 has no patience to wait for a home page to load. The optimal load time is 3 seconds and below. We take this into consideration to ensure sure your website loads FAST if you want to rank high on search engines.

Yes, your website will be 100% responsive on all devices. We design and develop for mobile, tablet and all other viewports. 

Emails are very crucial to your marketing and advertising campaigns. We offer free email accounts.

All email accounts will be under your company’s domain name. For example : yourname@ company .com

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