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We’re proud to offer the prestigious residents of Oakville a variety of  web design Oakville packages to suit your industry and needs. 

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Situated on Lake Ontario, Oakville is Ontario’s largest town with a population of almost 194,000. Residents here are known to enjoy a high quality of life, with the quality of life index score VERY HIGH at 172.29 https://www.numbeo.com/quality-of-life/in/Oakville (compared to Toronto rating 146.85). In fact, in a recent survey, 86% of residents stated Oakville is a better place to live than anywhere in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

If you’re looking to live here, the average price of a house is approximately 1.1 million, and the median household income around $120,000. The amenities and facilities here are considered as “first-rate”. It goes without saying that the residents feel a tremendous sense of connection and pride towards this beautiful town.

In the heart of town, is the upscale Downtown Oakville. Known for its’ art galleries, health and wellness centres, restaurants, gourmet food shops, and high-class fashion and design boutiques. This part of Oakville is sure to stimulate the senses, and satisfy any savvy shopper.  Downtown Oakville also host a series of events, including Midnight Madness, annual Sidewalk Sale, A Taste of Downtown Oakville, and the Tiny Tots on Parade.

With its’ solid, strong and diversified economic base, Oakville proves to offer plenty to both new and expanding businesses.  The Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area features over 400 businesses, and is a hub of fascinating heritage, art and entertainment. For more information, check out https://invest.oakville.ca/top-10-reasons.html

There are around 662 Oakville web design companies, website development companies and freelancers. This can be considered a big number compared to other cities in Ontario. However, for being such an influential city in the entrepreneurial and business scene, it is pretty much an expected number.

The competition between these website development companies can be quite challenging, and they all want your business. Similarly, choosing an Oakville web design company can also be difficult. You will then have to decide which company will be the best one to design your new website, or re-design your current one. To keep your website live, you will also need to make sure that this company will provide hosting.

Once your website is created and launched, you will also have to worry about web maintenance and web updates. This can be very tedious, especially if you’re short on time.

Security must also be taken into account. You NEED to ensure your website is 100% secure, especially if you need an eCommerce web design! The reality is, no one is safe from getting hacked. Only those that are prepared can securely get a backup and continue as quickly as possible. 

Here at Kings Of The Web we take a different approach and give so much more in return. Not only do we create amazing and fast websites, we also offer peace of mind while taking care of everything. We would be happy to be your ideal business partner, and give you the website and internet presence you seek.

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Search Engine Optimization
SEO 100%
Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing 100%
Privacy and Security
Privacy 100%
Graphic Design and Branding
Logos 100%

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