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Mississauga, Ontario is a suburb city in the GTA (General Toronto Area), situated on the shoreline of Lake Ontario.  According the 2016 censes, Mississauga boasts a population of 721,599, and ranks as the sixth-most populated city in Canada, and the third most populated city on the Great Lakes (Toronto and Chicago taking the number 1 and 2 spots, respectively). 

Mississauga (often referred as “Sauga” by the residents) is known for its’ diverse “City of Villages” and lively spirit. In fact, this city features many distinctive neighbourhoods, all with their own unique flavour. From the stunning lakeshore district of Port Credit, to the charming villages of Streetsville, to the bustling streets of downtown Celebration Square. All neighbourhoods are sure to delight the senses.

Mississauga has close to 55,000 registered businesses, employing more than 425,000. Main industries include banking and finance, electronics and computers, aerospace, transportation parts and equipment industries, and pharmaceuticals.

The city of Mississauga is constantly looking for communication improvements within the business sector. The Economic Development Office (EDO) provides info and services for all businesses and entrepreneurs alike. You can also find support at the Mississauga Enterprise Centre MBEC). Mississauga is one of the biggest cities of the GTA, which holds A LOT of business opportunities for entrepreneurs

There are around 243 website design companies in Mississauga. Compared with other Ontario municipalities, this can be considered an average amount. But it’s a pretty much predicted number for being such an active city in the business scene.

Competition between these businesses can be fierce. And if you need a website, you’re in good company. However, it can be hard to decide which website design company in Mississauga is the best one to develop or re-design your existing website. You will also need to know whether this company will take care of hosting.

Once your website is created and launched, you will also have to worry about web maintenance and web updates. This can be very tedious, especially if you’re short on time.

Security must also be taken into account. You NEED to ensure your website is 100% secure, especially if you need an eCommerce web design! The reality is, no one is safe from getting hacked. Only those that are prepared can securely get a backup and continue as quickly as possible. 

Here at Kings Of The Web we take a different approach and give so much more in return. Not only do we create amazing and fast websites, we also offer peace of mind while taking care of everything. We would be happy to be your ideal business partner, and give you the website and internet presence you seek.

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Search Engine Optimization
SEO 100%
Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing 100%
Privacy and Security
Privacy 100%
Graphic Design and Branding
Logos 100%

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